For every inspection, we come prepared with a highly-trained, NESDCA certified canine and handler bed bug scent detection team. We’ll perform a thorough search of the specified property area in order to determine whether or not bed bug activity is present. Seven, our bed bug scent detecting dog, is specifically trained to detect the scent of live bed bugs, nymphs, larvae and eggs. If shell casings, molted material, fecal matter or dead bed bugs are present, Seven will NOT alert his handler. This is extremely useful for customers who are trying to determine whether or not a past treatment, regardless of type, was successful.

What We Do

  • Beds and all bedding (sheets, comforters, pillows, etc.)

  • Walls

  • Baseboards

  • Rugs and carpeting

  • Electrical and telephone outlets

  • All furniture (inside and out)

  • Cabinetry

  • Filing cabinets and bookshelves

  • Toy boxes

  • Electronics

  • Vehicles

  • Luggage

  • Any other fixtures or items of concern

  • Customer requests

Our motto is simple: We inspect and detect but do NOT disinfect. We do NOT apply or offer any form of chemicals, pesticides or any eradication treatments. Instead, we are an objective, independently-owned and operated canine bed bug detecting company who will not push or persuade any form of extermination. Our purpose is to provide you with an extremely accurate, reliable and industry-proven service to help you find if/where you have bed bugs (adults, nymphs, larvae or eggs), where they are and the severity of the infestation.

A typical inspection conducted by Seven and his handler will include (but not limited to) the following:

We service hotels, resorts, schools, dormitories, boats and cruise ships, movie theaters, hospitals, shelters, bus services, correctional facilities, airline services, condominium management associations, office buildings, residential housing and any location with high traffic of residents and visitors.

Aside from the many extermination companies who use humans to visually inspect for bed bugs (see also "About Us"), Elmer's K9 Bed Bug Detection is one of the very few companies or organizations offering such a specially-trained canine specifically trained to detect bed bugs. According to Aces Bedbug Sniffing Dogs in Atlanta, GA.,"The accuracy of visual inspection has been placed anywhere from 30% to 40%, whereas trained scent detection dogs have shown an accuracy rate of over 98%."

Bed bugs hiding behind outlet cover
Bed bugs compared to penny

Seven can locate these troublesome bugs where the human eye simply cannot. A beagle's sense of smell is up to 10,000 times greater than that of a human and when using a trained and certificated National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association dog like Seven can quickly, accurately and quietly inspect your desired area with a detection success rate of at least 98%!

Our goal is to provide quick, friendly, discrete, reliable, dependable and incredibly accurate canine bed bug scent detection service using only the most effective, efficient, quiet, fast and non-intrusive procedures available.