Our Story

Elmer's K9 Bed Bug Detection was conceived after fighting our own personal battle with bed bugs years ago. We faced an extremely steep learning curve, but as we researched the many options in dealing with bed bugs, the one, most-preferred option not available at the time was having access to a bed bug sniffing dog, known within in the pest control industry as a "bed bug scent detecting canine." What does the bed bug scent detecting canine do? Briefly, it allows a user to immediately target where bed bugs are present, and is a far less intrusive, virtually noiseless, cleaner, greener alternative to the more common detection practices offered.

Without a bed bug sniffing dog, we spent countless hours of laborious work, faced complete exhaustion, endured unparalleled stress, and spent more than $10,000. I can say as of this writing that we are now ecstatic to be bed bug free. My best advice: Don’t wait until it's too late.

Nasty bed bugs living in mattress

Mattress tainted with live bed bugs

This is why we created Elmer's K9 Bed Bug Detection: To offer people struggling with bed bugs an objective, reliable, dependable, and extremely effective and accurate bed bug detecting service. We only use the world's finest trained NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detecting Canine Association) certified canine-handler detection teams who employ the most effective, efficient and non-intrusive procedures.

We discreetly service hotels, resorts, schools, dormitories, military barracks, apartments, movie theaters, hospitals, buses, shelters, correctional facilities, airplanes, condominium management associations, office buildings, residential housing and many other locations with high traffic of residents and visitors

Seven searching for bed bugs
Adult bed bugs with viable eggs

Guided by our trusty beagle leader, Seven, along with years of in-the-field, on-the-job educational training at one of the world's most acclaimed canine scent detecting training facilities, Elmer's K9 Bed Bug Detection is more than capable and qualified to help you with any bed bug detection challenge.

Adult bed bugs with two-day old viable eggs


Seven detecting bed bugs under a mattress