Canine Bed Bug Scent Detection Pre-Inspection Checklist


• Absolutely NO previous pesticide applications of any kind within 30 days of inspection. This includes over-the-counter and professional products (sprays, powders, foggers, etc.).


• Please remove any pest control products, such as rodent bait, glue traps, snap traps, etc.


• Please remove any indoor animals (cats and dogs) several minutes before inspection.


• Please refrain from using household cleaners or disinfectants (such as bleach, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, etc.) for at least two hours prior.


• Please remove any items that may harm or distract the canine during inspection, such as spilled food and beverages, medications, dirty diapers and any sharp objects.


• Please remove any deodorizers, potpourri, incense or air fresheners at least two hours prior.


• Please extinguish all smoking materials at least two hours prior to inspection.


• Please close all windows and outside doors.


• Please turn off oscillating fans, air conditioners, box fans, exhaust fans, and ceiling fans prior to arrival.


• Please ensure all rooms are free of clutter as needed to access baseboards, beds and furniture. If possible, please move furniture away from walls (ideally a few feet).


• Please provide access to all luggage used in recent travel.


• Please remove any items stored underneath beds and relocate them to other floor areas.


If you have any questions or concerns on above instructions, always free to call us at (808) 382-5968