Welcome to Elmer's K9 Bed Bug Detection

Welcome to Elmer's K9 Bed Bug Detection - the only NESDCA certified handler and canine bed bug scent detection teams available in the entire state of Hawaii. Our services will help you save time, money, headache and frustration in the ongoing battle against bed bugs throughout the islands.

Elmer's K9 Bed Bug Detection specializes in locating the presence of elusive and hard to find bed bugs with our innovative, state-of-the-art, industry-leading process using the assistance of a specially-trained canine and handler. This unique and proven effective process allows for early detection before it turns into an infestation that’s challenging, time-consuming and expensive to eradicate.

Our trained dog is able to determine the presence of bed bugs with his nose MUCH more accurately, efficiently and faster than any human inspectors relying merely on visual evidence. With more than 98% accuracy compared to 30% to 40% accuracy from that of human inspections, our clients can be confident that if these pesky bugs are present, our dog will find them. This clean, quiet, efficient and non-invasive detection process eliminates the need to cut inside, rearrange or remove fixtures.

Our dog, "Seven," detects and locates bed bugs even when inside walls, all bedding, laundry and linen, under carpeting and rugs, behind baseboards, electrical and telephone outlets, lockers, filing cabinets, toy boxes, cupboards, luggage and anywhere else bed bugs and their viable eggs may be hiding.

We service hotels, resorts, schools, dormitories, military housing, movie theaters, hospitals, shelters, bus services, retail stores, correctional facilities, airline services, condominium and apartment buildings, vehicles, boats and cruise ships, office buildings and anywhere else bed bugs may be living.

Elmer's K9 Bed Bug Detection

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